Beyem Prime

Extra-white polymer-modified and multiple consistency flexible adhesive with accelerated adhesion for the universal fixing of modular coatings.

BEYEM Prime is an extra-white polymer-modified and  multiple consistency  flexible adhesive with accelerated adhesion for the universal fixing of modular coatings (ceramic tiles, natural and reconstituded stones, etc…). Formulated with mixed binders, selected aggregates of exceptional whiteness, pozzolan (MK), modified sepiolite, fibers and last generation superabsorbent polymers that provide an exceptional workability, accelerated adhesions and an effective pore structure that translates into a superior wetting capability in a greater range of thickness and consistency of the adhesive. It does not cause settlement. Deformable and with no vertical slip. Highly resistant to mechanical stress in all its types (tensile strength, flexural strength, compression and shearing).

Protected with Sanitized®. Mildew resistant. Indoor environment quality. Classifed as  A+ class according to Décret nº. 2011-321 (France). Free of radionuclides.

  • With super absorbent polymer
  • Triple open time
  • Thixotropic and fluid
  • With modified sepiolite
  • No vertical slip
  • Especially fine
  • Pozzolanic effect
  • Extra-white formula
  • Resistant to mechanical stress
  • Accelerated adhesion
  • Deformable
  • Wide range of thcknesses
  • Industrialized construction
  • Protected with Sanitized ®
  • Very low VOCs emissions
  • Free of radionuclides

Laying of ceramic tiles of low/medium/high absorption, natural stone, low thickness ceramic, reconstituted stone, large format, vitreous mosaic, porcelain  and  stoneware tiles , etc …  in interior and exterior situations to walls and floors. Suitable for laying low absorption ceramic tiles  and existing ceramic tile floors . Swimming pools. Ideal for underfloor heating/cooling  or under tile warming and industrial and commercial applications (heavy traffic…) on floors. Ideal for industrialized construction and rehabilitation where a rapid development of performance and a wide range of thicknesses of use are required. Flexible regularization.

BEYEM Prime is suitable for the following substrates , among others:

  • Cement  based substrates.
  • Cement based renders /plasters and screeds. Concrete floors. Cement based waterproofing membranes.
  • Plasterboards.
  • Cellular concrete.
  • Compact natural stone, underfloor  heating and existing ceramic substrates (overcoating)
  • Use over other materials (wood, anhydrite, etc …) with previous BEYEM PRO primer.

Super absorbent polymer on modified sepiolite
Provides an effective pore structure with “sponge” effect: the water is concentrated in the cavities of the adhesive, making a reserve and releasing it as needed.
Allows the use of the adhesive in a wide range of consistencies and thickness thanks to the intelligent management of the mixing water.
Allows internal curing of the material
Reduces the formation of skin by drying on the surface due to the homogeneous distribution of water. Result: Triple open time

Substrates must be clean, compact and  free of substances that reduce adhesion such as dust, oil, grease and with no loose material. Uneven areas must be corrected with suitable smoothing and finishing products. Substrates must be free from any rising damp and have already completed the curing period of hygrometric shrinkage. Dampen substrates with water  to cool down if they should be too warm, in case of wind or over absorbent substrates  and wait until the thin layer of water disappears.

Mix manually of mechanically BEYEM Prime with 6,5-8,0 l per bag of clean water until a homogeneous, creamy and lump-free paste  is obtained. Let the mix stand for 5 minutes before application.

Small tiles must be fixed using  a notched trowel of 6×6 mm. For tiles sizes greater than 400 cm2,  a notched trowel  8×8 mm  must be used.  Spread the mixed product onto the substrate to a maximum surface area of 1-2 m2 or no more than can be tiled within 30-50 minutes in normal conditions. Unfavorable environmental conditions (strong sunlight, drying wind, high temperature as well as a highly absorbent substrate), could drastically reduce this time to a few minutes. Bed the tiles firmly into the adhesive with a slight sliding and/or twisting action, to ensure a good contact and complete coverage.

It is good practice to lift an occasional tile after fixing, to verify that the required contact is being achieved. Back of the tile must be completely wet.

  • On gypsum substrates, apply BEYEM FIJADOR primer before.
  • Do not apply on plastic, metal or wood.
  • Do not apply below 5ºC or above 30ºC.
  • Do not apply when there is  risk of frost, rain, strong wind or direct sunlight.
  • Leave joints between tiles with a minimum width of 2 mm in interior situations and 5 mm in exterior works. Grout with  BEYEM JUNTA UNIVERSAL or BEYEM JUNTA EXTRAFINA.
  • On floors  with a surface area greater than 30 m2 , it is recommended to leave separation or sealing joints filled with a deformable material.
  • On interior floorings larger than 15 m2, it is advisable to keep a free perimeter expansion joint between the floor and the wall or pillar, hidden by a skirting board (of approximately 5 mm).
  • On facades and external cladding, the material should always be fixed with anchors or mechanical fixing, when some of the following conditions apply: format above 900 cm2, one side of the largest piece is larger than 60 cm, weight above 40 kg/m2 or height of tiling up than 3 metres.
  • Existing ceramic tile/natural stone: requires preliminary treatment.
  • Underfloor heating/warming: the heating must be off, and should be turned on gradually at least 5 days after tiling and grouting.
  • The temperature, ventilation, and absorption of the substrate and covering materials , may vary the adhesive workability and setting times.

Product identity. Properties of mixture and application data






Bulk density

≈ 1250 Kg/m3

Density of the mix

≈ 1550 Kg/m3


0-500 µm

Mixing water,% 

± 29%

Pot life

≈ 3-6 h (may vary according to environmental conditions)

Adjustability time (23ºC)

≥ 30 min

Grouting joints on walls (23ºC)

≈ 20 h

Thickness range

2-15 mm

Coverage per mm of thickness

≈ 1,25 Kg/m2

Tariff code


Final performances




Initial tensile adhesion strength  (EN 12004-2, 8.3)

48 h

72 h

≥ 1,0 N/mm2

≥ 0,5 N/mm2

≥ 0,8 N/mm2

Tensile adhesion strength after water immersion  ( EN 12004-2, 8.3)

≥ 1,0 N/mm2

Tensile adhesion strength after heat ageing  (EN 12004-2, 8.3)

≥ 1,0 N/mm2

Tensile adhesion strength after freeze/thaw cycles  ( EN 12004-2, 8.3)

≥ 1,0 N/mm2

Extended open time (EN 12004-2, 8.1)

30 min

40 min

50 min

≥ 0,5 N/mm2

≥ 0,5 N/mm2

≥ 0,5 N/mm2

≥ 0,5 N/mm2

Shear adhesion (Rodacal Beyem Method)

≥ 1,0 N/mm2


≤ 0,5 mm

Transverse deformation

≥ 2,5 mm

Interval before use  (23ºC)

Foot traffic

Heavy traffic



48 h

72 h

7-10 days

Total VOCs (28 days)

≤ 500 µg/m3

Radioactivity index  (U, Ra, Pb, Th, others)

I = 0,057

BEYEM Prime is packed 25 kg plastic lined paper bags.

Storage:  when stored unopened in a cool dry place, shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture.

Conservación: 12 meses en envase original cerrado, a resguardo de la humedad y en lugares cubiertos.

Tools can be cleaned easily with water  before the product hardens. Hardened product can be remove only mechanically.

Laying of ceramic tiles, reconstituted stone, large format, vitreous mosaic, low thickness ceramic, porcelain  and  stoneware tiles, marble or natural stone, etc … must be carried out with extra-white polymer-modified and  multiple consistency  flexible adhesive with accelerated adhesion compliant with EN 12004 – class C2TES1, such as Beyem Prime,  manufactured by Rodacal Beyem company. The substrate must be compact, free from any flaky, loose parts and must be clean and cured, having already completed the shrinkage stage. Existing joints must be respected and elastic fractionizing and perimeter joints must be created. Ceramic tiles must be laid with joint-gap spacers with a width of ___ mm.

For further and complete information about the safe use of our product please refer to our latest version of the Safety Data Sheet, which is available upon request.

Disposal of the product and packaging must be in accordance with current legislation. This is  responsibility of the final product user.



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