Beyem Level

High performance, polymer modified, fast drying, self-levelling compound.

BEYEM LEVEL is a high performance, polymer modified, fast drying, self-levelling compound. Pumpable. Formulated with cement, selected aggregates, additives and resins to improve adhesion and mechanical strengths. Especially suitable to receive all kind of lightweight finishes (epoxy or PU or PMMA system, ceramic or stone tiles, PVC sheet, wood flooring or carpets, etc.). Indoor environment quality. Classified A+ class according to Dècret nº 2011-321 (France). Free of radionuclides.

  • Quick drying and rapid hardening.
  • Can receive light foot traffic a few hours after application.
  • High mechanical strengths.
  • Suitable for heavy traffic.
  • Thickness from 2 mm to 20 mm.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Smooth and less pore surface.
  • Great self-levelling power.  Good air release.
  • Excellent hardness.
  • Very low VOCs emissions.
  • Radiation-free certificate.

Correction, rectification and levelling of irregular/uneven substrates with moderate or heavy traffic, both in rehabilitation and new floors. Especially suitable for levelling and flattening prior to the installation of all kind lightweight floor coverings (epoxy or PU or PMMA system, ceramic tiles, PVC sheet, wood flooring or carpets, etc.).

BEYEM Level is suitable for:

  • Cementitious floors /cement based screeds
  • Precast concrete/ concrete slabs  or concrete poured on site
Substrates must have  a minimum strength of 12 MPa.

Substrates must be dry, solid and free of dust, loose and detached parts, paint, wax, oil, rust and all other pollutants. Holes and leaks in the substrate should be sealed. Apply special compressible band around the perimeter of the rooms to be laid and around any vertical elements which pass through the floor (such as pillars and columns). Non porous substrates may be primed with BEYEM UNIÓN MORTEROS. Where necessary, substrate must be treated with mechanical methods. Over absorbent substrates, apply BEYEM PRO diluted 1:1 with water and left the time necessary to drying to the touch.

Mix BEYEM LEVEL with a low speed electric mixer or pump machine, with 5,0-5,5 l per bag of clean water until a homogeneous, smooth, flowable, and lump-free mix is obtained. Pour the mixed material onto the surface and spread by trowel or pin screed rake to the required thickness. Use a spiked roller for removal of air trapped in self-levelling mortar. Apply a second smoothing layer when the first is trafficable or after 5 days if BEYEM UNION MORTEROS or BEYEM PRO have been used. The surface should be vacuum cleaned or sanded before overcoating.

  • Do not apply below 5ºC or above 30ºC.
  • Protect unset mortar of the direct sunlight, frost or strong wind.
  • Do not use BEYEM LEVEL  on wet surfaces or on substrates which are subject to rising damp.
  • For interior use only.
  • Do not add aggregates,  additives or  other binders to the BEYEM LEVEL  mix.
  • High humidity of the substrate and low temperatures  conditions prolong the setting time.
  • Excess of water reduces final mechanical strengths and quickness of setting.
  • Before applying the product, ensure that the residual humidity is below the recommended level (lower than 3%).
  • Respect the expansion and structural  joints in the substrate and form distribution joints.
  • Mix only sufficient material that can be applied  using available labor and equipment.
  • Time  before light foot traffic  and floor covering can vary depending on the layer thickness and drying conditions.  Check the substrate surface  before  overcoating.

Product identity. Properties of mixture and application data





Bulk density

≈ 1250 kg/m3


0-1 mm

Mixing water,% 

± 21 %

Pot life

≥ 30 min

Flow characteristics

≥ 13 cm Ømedium

Minimum  thickness

3 mm

Maximum thickness

20 mm


1,5 Kg/m2  per mm of thickness

Tariff code


Final performances



CT C35 F10 B2,0

Surface hardening

5-10 h

Compressive strength

≥ 35 N/mm2

Flexural strength

≥ 10  N/mm2


≥ 2,0  N/mm2

Total VOCs (28 days)

≤ 500 µg/m3

Radioactivity index  (U, Ra, Pb, Th, others)

I = 0.172

BEYEM LEVEL is packed 25 kg plastic lined paper bags.

Storage: when stored unopened in a cool dry place, shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture.

Tools can be cleaned easily with water before the product hardens. Hardened product can be removed only mechanically.

Correction and levelling of uneven substrates in interior floors in a 20 mm of maximum thickness, must be carried out with a COVs and radiation free, high performance, polymer modified, fast drying, self-levelling compound compliant with EN 13813 – Class CT C35 F10 B2,0 , such as Beyem Level, manufactured by Rodacal Beyem Company. Beyem Level is Especially suitable for levelling and flattening prior to the installation of all kind lightweight floor coverings. Apply always over cleaned and stable substrates.

For further and complete information about the safe use of our product please refer to our latest version of the Safety Data Sheet, which is available upon request.

Disposal of the product and packaging must be in accordance with current legislation. This is responsibility of the final product user.


Technical sheet

Component Safety Data Sheet

Declaration of benefits

Declaración Compuestos Orgánicos Volátiles

Certificado Libre de Radiación

Factory Production Control Certificate

Certificado Sistema Gestión de Calidad ISO 9001


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