Beyem Junta-E

Coloured, low shrinkage reaction resin tile grout mortar and adhesive for joints up to 16 mm.

BEYEM JUNTA-E is a two-component, coloured reaction resin tile grout mortar and adhesive. Formulated with epoxy resin, selected aggregates, additives and mineral pigments. Particularly suitable for chemical and food industries, swimming pools, laboratories, hospitals, mechanical workshops, etc…

  • Wide range of colours.
  • Easy to apply, water washable.
  • Shrinkage free. Watertight joints. 
  • Great adhesion.
  • Highly durable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Resistant to acid attacks, alkalis, solvents,etc.
  • 100% solid high-strength epoxy mortar.
  • Stable and long lasting colour.
  • Interior and exterior.

Fill joints of up to 16 mm. wide between tiles, vitrified tiles, boards, bricks etc … which must withstand chemical loads and/or high mechanical loads such as chemical and food industries, swimming pools, laboratories, hospitals, mechanical workshops, kitchens, high traffic areas, such as shopping centres, airports etc… Applicable in interior and exterior wall or floor tilings. BEYEM JUNTA–E is also suitable for fixing small or medium formats and any absorption type ceramic claddings, on all types of substrates.

BEYEM JUNTA-E  is suitable for:

  • Conventional cement-based substrates (concrete, screeds, self-levelling compounds, claddings, etc.)
  • Cementitious adhesives.
  • Properly prepared cement or epoxy terrazzo.

Substrates must be clean, compact and  free of substances that reduce adhesion such as dust, oil, grease and with no loose material, poorly bonded parts or substances which may hinder adherence. The substrate must not have clear humidity problems.  Once the substrate is dry, it is necessary to clean the dust and dirt residues from the flanks and the bottom of the joint so that adherence is not hindered.  Empty joints must be upgraded in their entire length and depth. When very porous or roughened tiles on their surface are grouted (consult with the manufacturer or carry out a preliminary test so as to verify ease of cleaning), preliminary treatment using BEYEM TAPA must be carried out which protects the tiles avoiding possible colourations and facilitating subsequent cleaning by forming a surface film on which the coloured mortar slides off.

Mix the two BEYEM JUNTA-E components, preferably with a mechanical mixer for 2/3 minutes, until a homogeneous consistency and colour is obtained. It is essential to maintain the specified ratio, otherwise the product will not harden correctly. The joints will be filled by compressing the paste with a spatula or rubber trowel, spreading the product diagonally, or using a refillable dispenser gun. Firmly compact the material. The application must be made diagonally from the joints.  Remove the remaining material using a spatula. Wait for 10-15 minutes, until the joint has hardened slightly (never let it harden completely) and emulsify abundantly with water the entire surface, using a hard sponge so that none of the joints remain unemulsified. The excess putty remaining on the tile is cleaned and removed using a sponge dipped in water for 30 minutes (it is advisable to continue to apply and clean). Then or following the gelling of the putty, the binder residues must be removed using a dry cloth or sponge, so that no matt veil remains on the tiles.  Allow 16 hours to elapse for mechanical stresses and 7 days for chemical stresses (20ºC).

For use as an adhesive, spread the putty using a notched trowel and bed the tiles firmly into the adhesive with a slight sliding and/or twisting action, to ensure a good contact and complete coverage.

  • The application temperature must be between 10 and 30ºC.
  • For porous or roughened surfaces it is recommended to apply BEYEM TAPA prior to commencing the grouting.
  • In hot weather the cleaning will take approximately 5-10 minutes following its application. Apply onto small surfaces.
  • Do not use soft sponges, given that the sponges drag the material.
  • The mixing ratios must perforce be respected.
  • Do not use hot water to remove excess material.
  • Prior to carrying out the joint grouting, it is necessary to leave a minimum of 24-48 hours to elapse from the installation of the wall or floor tiling, depending on the environmental conditions.
  • Test on any non visible surface.
  • The expansion, contraction and  perimeter joints must be respected.

Product identity. Properties of mixture and application data




Colour Chart

Pot life

≈ 1 h (22ºC)

Proportion of the components

Component A: Component B = 3:1


It depends on size of tile and joint



A: length of tile, mm

B: width of tile, mm

C: thickness of tile, mm

D: width of joint, mm

Tariff code


Final performances




Abrasion resistance

≤ 250 mm3

Flexural strength

≥ 30,0 N/mm2

Compressive  strength

≥ 45,0 N/mm2


≤ 1,5 mm/m

Water absorption

≤ 0,1 g

Shear adhesion strength, shear adhesion strength after water immersion and shear adhesion strength after thermal shock


≥ 2,0 N/mm2

Open time

20 min


< 0,5 mm

Temperature resistance

-40 ºC  a  100 ºC

BEYEM JUNTA-E  is packet in 5 Kg plastic pail, containing a kit of  3,75 Kg of A Component and 1,25 Kg of B Component in separate pails.

Storage:  when stored unopened in a cool dry place, shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture.

Tools can be cleaned easily with water  before the product hardens. Hardened product can be remove only mechanically.

High mechanical and chemical resistance and shrinkage free grouting of ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, boards, bricks, vitrified tiles and natural stones, must be carried out using the high abrasion resistance, low water absorption reaction resin grouting mortar Beyem Junta-E, manufactured by the company Rodacal Beyem, Class RG as per the EN 13888 Standard. The joints must be free of dust and adhesive residues.  Apply the tile grout using a spatula, rubber trowel or dispensing gun. The final cleaning will be carried out using the appropriate sponges and clean water. Joints of ____ mm width and tiles ____ x ____ cm in size will lead to an average coverage of ≈ ____ kg/m2. Existing joints must be respected and elastic fractionizing and perimeter joints must be created.

For further and complete information about the safe use of our product please refer to our latest version of the Safety Data Sheet, which is available upon request.

Disposal of the product and packaging must be in accordance with current legislation. This is  responsibility of the final product user.


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