Beyem Block

Adhesive mortar for fixing and grouting glass blocks.

BEYEM BLOCK is an adhesive mortar  formulated with white high strength cement, selected fine aggregates, resins and special additives to improve adhesion  and plasticity. Waterproof. Excellent workability.  Easy to clean. Especially suitable for fixing and grouting glass blocks in interior and exterior situations.

  • Allows fixing and grouting in a single operation. Great  fineness  and plasticity.
  • Excellent whiteness.
  • Waterproof and unalterable.
  • For interior and exterior use.
  • High  mechanical strengths.
  • High  resistance to water and thermal shocks. 

Fixing and grouting glass blocks in large windows and brick partitions in indoors and outdoors.

BEYEM BLOCK  is suitable for:

  • Glass blocks.
  • Other  cement based substrates  (on which to place glass).

Substrates must be clean, compact and  free of substances that reduce adhesion such as dust, oil, grease and with no loose material. Uneven areas must be corrected. Substrates must be free from any rising damp and have already completed the curing period of hygrometric shrinkage. Dampen substrates with water  to cool down if they should be too warm, in case of wind or over absorbent substrates  and wait until the thin layer of water disappears. It is a good practice curing with a fine spray of clean water  24 h after application. Do not  use on  gypsum  based plasters or paint.

Mix manually of mechanically BEYEM BLOCK with  6,0-7,0 l per bag of clean water until a homogeneous, creamy and lump-free paste  is obtained. Let the mix stand for 5 minutes before application. Build the blockwork using a trowel as with ordinary brickwork. Use joint-gap spacers (mandatory). Reinforce the joints between blocks with 4 or 6 mm diameter galvanised steel rods (if the block joint is up to 10 mm), which do not must touch the blocks. For block joints up to 16mm, use  mm diameter galvanised steel rods. Spread the mixed product with a trowel onto the substrate. Place the block over the fresh mortar layer and press to ensure adhesion. Once the blocks have been set and grouted (1-2 hours), clean  them with a slightly wet sponge. Wait 24 hours to do the final cleaning using a scrubber or cloth.

  • If any expansion or shrinkage occurs, lay an elastic permeter joint to protect the walls or window openings in contact with blocks.
  • Do not apply below 5ºC or above 30ºC.
  • Do not apply when there is  risk of frost, rain, strong wind or direct sunlight.
  • Glass block partitions are not structural elements, and therefore they must never bear any load.
  • The maximum area of the partition does not exceed 20 m2.
  • When fixing, it is important to press the blocks to make sure that they all form a solid surface, and to avoid any gaps between the block and the substrate.
  • The temperature, ventilation, and absorption of the substrate and covering materials , may vary the adhesive workability and setting times.

Product identity. Properties of mixture and application data





Bulk density

≈ 950 Kg/m3


0-200 µm

Mixing water,% 

± 32%


≈ 25 Kg/m2  (1,5 cm joint thickness, for blocks of  20*20*8 cm)

Tariff code


Final performances


Compressive strength

≥ 8,0 MPa

BEYEM BLOCK  is packed 20 kg plastic lined paper bags.

Storage:  when stored unopened in a cool dry place, shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture.

Tools can be cleaned easily with water  before the product hardens. Hardened product can be remove only mechanically.

Fixing and grouting glass blocks must be carried out with Beyem Block adhesive mortar manufactured by Rodacal Beyem Company. The substrate and/or blocks must be clean, sound, compact and dimensionally stable. Expansion joints must be respected. Glass blocks  must be laid with joint-gap spacers with a width of ___ mm and  galvanised steel rods of ___ mm.

For further and complete information about the safe use of our product please refer to our latest version of the Safety Data Sheet, which is available upon request.

Disposal of the product and packaging must be in accordance with current legislation. This is  responsibility of the final product user.


Hoja técnica

Ficha de Seguridad

Certificado Sistema Gestión de Calidad ISO 9001

Certificado Sistema Gestión de la I+D+i UNE 166002

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