“One more step” with Beyem Proof One

Rodacal Beyem takes “One more step” in its range of repair and waterproofing products.

All the flexibility of the membrane in one component with the new Beyem Proof One

The new BEYEM PROOF ONE is Rodacal Beyem’s improved polymer modified coating (PCC), for repair, waterproofing and protection, single component and highly flexible.

Rodacal Beyem wanted to make the work of construction professionals easier with this new solution, with which the flexibility of the two-component membrane is obtained, but with only one product. Its name says it all: ‘the ONE’.

The new incorporation to the Beyem family allows to obtain an elastic and flexible protection and waterproofing effect of the surfaces. The aggregates, organic additives and resins provide Beyem Proof One with excellent adhesion and unbeatable waterproofing.

Other guarantees of Beyem Proof One are that it is resistant to sulphate attack and to sea water, ice and de-icing salts. In addition, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor work, among a long list of other advantages.

It is especially indicated for water containment, and recommended for those cases in which flexibility is a conditioning factor for the product, in order to bridge micro-fissures in the surfaces.

Beyem Proof One was created to respond to the needs of our customers by completing the Beyem Proof range with the solution and balance they seek in mortars for repair and waterproofing. It is manufactured in accordance with the EN 1504-2 standard and meets the technical requirements in terms of performance, safety and conformity assessment for the protection of structural concrete.

Rodacal Beyem works every day to achieve new formulas that improve the properties and performance of its products with the large and experienced team of professionals that make up the R+D+i department.

More information about the specifications and technical data at: https://rodacal.com/en/producto/beyem-proof-one/


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