Beyem Sit

Waterproofing powder mixture

BEYEM SIT is a water repellent and waterproofing chloride free and easy to apply powder preparation for mortars and concretes.  Protects the construction against water penetration.

  • Contains substances with physical and chemical action sealing pores and repelling water.
  • Reducing the amount of water required in mixing, improving resistance.
  • Excellent water repellent capacity.
  • Chloride free.
  • Does not change the aesthetic conditions.

Water repellent and waterproofing additive for plastering and rendering on façades, walls and basements. Preparation of water repellent concretes in swimming pools, tanks, waterways, wastewater treatment plants, etc…

BEYEM SIT is suitable, once mixed beforehand to the final product, for the following substrates:

  • Brickwork. Ceramic bricks.
  • Concrete.
  • Cement based substrates (renders and floors).

Substrates treated with BEYEM SIT must be clean, compact and  free of substances that reduce adhesion such as dust, oil, grease and with no loose material. Substrates must submit an adequate porosity and surface roughness. Uneven areas must be corrected.  Dampen substrates with water  to cool down if they should be too warm, in case of wind or over absorbent substrates  and wait until the thin layer of water disappears. It is a good practice curing with a fine spray of clean water  24 h after application.

Do not apply on cellular concrete, gypsum based plasters, paint, plastic, wood or materials with  low mechanical properties.

Dry mix the contents of a BEYEM SIT bag with the cement. Then mix with the selected aggregates. Add the mixing water. Continue to apply in the routine manner.

  • BEYEM SIT must not be used if there is a risk of water filtrations in the course of the works.
  • When applying an additive mortar with BEYEM SIT on concrete it is preferable that the mortar is at least 2 or 3 weeks old.
  • It is recommended to mix the BEYEM SIT with the cement prior to adding the aggregate.

Product identity. Application data


Waterproofing powder mixture


Beige powder




1% of the weight of cement


2% of the weight of cement

BEYEM SIT is packed in 15 Kg package containing plastic bags of 1Kg.

Storage:  when stored unopened in a cool dry place, shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture.

Tools can be cleaned easily with water  before the product hardens. Hardened product can be remove only mechanically.

The water repellent and waterproofing of mortars and concretes executed “in situ” will be carried out by adding the Beyem Sit powder preparation, manufactured by the company Rodacal Beyem. One percent ( 1%) of the weight of cement in concrete and 2% on the weight of cement in mortars will be dosed.

For further and complete information about the safe use of our product please refer to our latest version of the Safety Data Sheet, which is available upon request. Disposal of the product and packaging must be in accordance with current legislation. This is  responsibility of the final product user.


Technical sheet

Ficha de seguridad


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